Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Healthy Gifting options

Healthy Gifting options

Celebrations and healthy foods hardly go together…right.
However there are lots of healthy gift ideas, you just need to explore. 
I am not talking about low sugar or sugar free chocolates, sweets which still have high fat content, or low fat cakes that are loaded with sugar! neither of these really help you get healthy….then what are this supposedly healthy gifts? 

Lets have a look
Nuts and dry fruits:- . These are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & more nutrition.
Fruits: Great nutrition, taste great, and good for your health!
Dark chocolate is healthier, lower in sugar content that regular chocolate, and also has a higher cocoa content, which means fewer simple carbohydrates & more antioxidants.
Herbal tea, green tea, organic tea:- are loaded with antioxidants and have literally no calories by themselves. Green tea has weight loss benefits. So, gifting some nice organic green tea is a great idea.
Gift vouchers or Memberships: Give a gift voucher for a wellness/fitness program or gyms memberships, or to yoga class, or even something fun activity like salsa can also workout to be a great gifting option.
A healthy recipe book - full of ideas to inspire you to cook healthy meals and reach and/or maintain a healthy body weight.

Healthy  nutrition bars:- Nutrition bar can be considered as a healthy gifting  option as they are packed with energy as well as essential nutrients.

Thus wishing for good health and wellness of near and dear ones in the coming year.

So now you have  plenty of  healthy gift options. So, go ahead and gift healthy!

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